Jerry McPartlin bluebox interactive / United Independent Entertainment GmbH 2015

This couldn't have been everything. Plain, humdrum and ordinary. This is life in Barnett Springs. Jerry has imagined his life completely different. A Rockstar! That is Jerry's ambition. Leaving Barnett Springs and living the Rock'n'Roll life to the max. Seems like destiny had other plans though. Since his parents disappearance years ago, nothing is going as planned. A record label's Big Boss has taken over the city; Jerry's rival (and former boyhood friend) Jimmy Lash can be heard hootin' and hollerin' on every radio; and his relationship with Luna-Lee, owner of the local diner, is going nowhere. Leaving Barnett Springs and dedicating his life to Rock'n'Roll – that was the plan. And that's exactly what Jerry has been trying to do. But a cryptic letter and an apocalyptic vision pull Jerry off the road and back to his hometown. Discover the sinister secret of Barnett Springs, help Jerry solve a series of mysterious murders before a shifty FBI agent jumps to the wrong conclusion, and prove that Rock'n'Roll is anything but the devil's music. Maybe you can even help Jerry to impress Luna, or at least get the better of Jimmy Lash. Features: Classic Point & Click Adventure; Fresh setting in the USA of the 50s; Original Soundtrack; Two different styles of music - Rock and Roll; Numerous references to classic movies and series; Charm and humor of bygone times in a modern and exciting story.
ISO Demo 3.13GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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