Hunter Hunted Sierra Online 1996

Hunter Hunted is a one or two-player side-scrolling action game which pits Jake, a muscle-shirt-and-blue-jeans human street fighter, against a large and unpleasant creature similar to a minotaur. Aliens have captured these two combatants and put them into a dark set of industrial tunnels and platforms for the purposes of entertainment. The two SGI-rendered, motion-capture combatants pursue each other around and through crumbling halls, pits, traps, and automated defenses, starting the game unarmed and eventually locating whips, guns, rocket launchers, ammo, and other resources in their search-and-destroy competition. The action goes into the screen as well. When Jake or the Hunter reaches a 2-D door set into one of the many side-plan levels of the game, a stroke of the up arrow sends the character running into the screen, "away" from the player, into the next lateral level of arena, allowing players to sneak up on their opponents from slightly unexpected directions (including from above or below). Certain other special doors which require keys or other objects/actions to open them are presented edge-on to the viewer in a kind of cutaway view. The game has nice music and its deathmatch play in a platform game was revolutionary. A few months after releasing the game, Sierra released a Mission Pack in 1997, which was available on their official website and distributed on CD of some magazines. It adds 20 missions: 2 Missions in challenge mode, 3 Mode missions team, and 15 missions in single player.
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XP/Vista Installer/Mission Pack/Level Editor Free Download 1.18MB (uploaded by Sierra Help)
Deathmach Missions Demo 8Mb / Jake Missions Demo 8Mb / Minotaur Missions Demo 8Mb (uploaded by CNET
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ISO Demo with audio tracks 356MB (upped by Egon68)
Full Demo ~113MB ( @ Abandoned Gamesroom)
Jake Burst - Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 301MB
Full Demo with DOSBox 247MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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