Tell: Das Spiel zum Film [G] Silver Style Entertainment / The Games Company 2007

From an Austrian impostor comes the ultimate Swiss national hero: it anticipates the famous myth and mercilessly exposes the almost truth behind the legend, because: Actually, everything was different ... funny dialogues, tricky riddles and cinematic locales inspire not only the fans of the same titled movie comedy which highlights with Axel Stein and Christian Tramitz in the lead roles. Even adventure lovers will be captivated by Tell's humorous story. It's the official game of the movie - original characters and a humorous story with witty twists. It has cinematic, lively atmosphere, detailed cartoon graphics, a professional setting and fully voiced, easy entry and intuitive controls, three stages of help with puzzles.
Russian ISO Demo 701MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German ISO Demo 374MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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