RED Fuse: Rolling Explosive Device Meteor Shock 2015

Create and control fiery chain reactions between Rolling Explosive Devices, as this plunges you into the depths of the planet in search of priceless ores to explode. Combine the forces of gravity, momentum, and the explosive energy of other bombs with tools like ramps, pipes and magnets to guide your bombs through hazardous caverns and into deposits of dazzling gems. Explore undiscovered caves, forgotten temples, underground lakes, and volcanoes as you scorch your way to riches. Choose Your Weapon - Unlock and upgrade sophisticated bombs like the trusty Dynamite Wheel, the devastating Litterbug, and the world-shaking WARP Drum. Then bet your investment on your mastery of Rolling Explosive Devices and expert timing. Unleash hell on 100 levels spanning 3 distinct layers of difficulty, until you defeat the planet or the planet defeats you. If you've got the literal weight of the world on your shoulders trying to reach an ore, use the Geological Analysis button to instantly get some hints to keep you moving.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 377MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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