Legend of Wolf [Ch] MIDEAL, Softstar Entertainment Inc. 1997

Warriors under the stars, you complete your promised oath to the testimony of the gods. This is a chaotic era, a family trip between two countries led to ambition for power and set off the war, a time of war everywhere, and happy and peaceful life will be gone. You will lead the uprising of the people who formed Jiegan Wolf Army soldiers, set common goals and complete them step by step, with great perseverance collapse four evil enemies. During the process, you constantly feel joy and sorrow on the battlefield, and meet people with profound experience between love and hate. A new storyline structure looking into human nature and experience the relentless war and romance. Nicely designed and with fighting, combined with a highly playable tactical game. See a special exhibit of dazzling watercolor brush strokes. It has isometric view with best visual effects. Humane intuitive operation, it's an easy to play game with happy combination of plot tension, music and sound effects.
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Chinese 2CD ISO Demo 633MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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