3 Investigators, The: The Giant Squid / Die drei ??? 10: Der Riesenkrake [G] Exozet Games GmbH / United Soft Media Verlag GmbH 2015

On the beach at Rocky Beach emerges a mysterious giant squid, which is on the loose apparently ashore. The news spreads like wildfire. Can it be more than just a little strange? The three investigators identify quickly that there's mysterious traces to dubious crooks, snappy secret passage squatters and eccentric scientists. Can the three detectives solve the strange case? It's a new case for Justus, Peter and Bob. It's a detective adventure with many famous places and characters from Rocky Beach. Voiced by Oliver Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck, Andreas Fröhlich and other Die drei ??? - Hörspiel speakers.
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