Searching The Emperor Ching [Ch] Soft-World 2001

This rpg is based on the well-known Huang Yi martial arts fantasy book "Step Into The Past". In addition to being adapted into comics, this computer game allows players to manipulate the novel's hero xiangshao in continued fighting in the Warring States period to starting a exciting and eclectic adventure. The content of the novel follows xiangshao as the overthrow concludes. The game players will be involved along with the protagonist in the turbulent history of a treacherous power struggle, but in order to become strong when the DPRK attack, he intends to become unified in dominance of his partners, but gradually unlocks the truth that has not been recorded in the history books, and the emperor's the mystery of life. Those who read the novel or comic Step Into The Past, should have an endless supply of stories of xiangshao's adventure will feel envy as accidentally falls into the 21st century a special ancient warrior, a man of that time in the midst of the tumult of the Warring States Period. He fights foes, meets an attractive woman who lost her husband and also produces a section between beauty and romance, eclectic stimuli of a love story.
Simplified Chinese 4CD ISO Demo + Patch / Traditional Chinese 4CD ISO Demo + Patch 2.08GB / 2.10GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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