Fantasia Sango 2: Continued Edge [Ch] UserJoy Technology Co. Ltd. 2005

This expansion for Fantasia Sango 2 has a new combat system compared with its predecessor, you can use the "purification" to describe the second generation of change In the second generation, the player will become easier to use, some settings are also simplified. Of course, these changes are not detrimental to the game itself as far as fighting and having fun. It removes operational difficulties and visual obstruction, making sense of rhythm throughout the fight makes the game more fluid using this improved focus. Meanwhile, the number of configurations on the battlefield, the enemy from the original 5 × 5 grid orientation, streamlining of 5 × 4 grid for a total of 20 orientations is changed to avoid scrolling the screen and affects the players look in the player's line of sight, but also for the improvement of the battle rhythm, you can select the target by moving shadow which is a very big help.
Simplified Chinese ISO v2.1.0.0 / Traditional Chinese ISO v2.0.0.0 + Patch 261.51MB/436.91MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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