Fantasia Sango 4 / Huanxiang Sanguozhi 4 [Ch] Falcom / UserJoy Technology 2008

Newest development of the Chinese RPG series. Story takes place 10 years after the first series, where older characters might be seen in this one. It succeeds style and system of the previous series. check for more surprises in game. World View - Basically in a war between divined ones and fallen ones, a female goddess became a demon after she completed her important mission and was killed. That night, a red snow covered the world. Time Line Setting - 208 A.D., the great demon lord ChiYu get defeated and killed. All the fallen ones ends up hiding or gathers up to resist the demon hunts following the death of ChiYu. This has worsen the situation of the Han dynasty. 215 A.D., just when three great power of the Han formed by LiuBei, ShunChuang and Caocao, a mysterious young man appears and stirs up a new tide of turbulence in the world. The original game has no voice acting. They then released another disk Voice Data Sheet with half the voice acting.

See also: Fantasia Sango 4: Wai Chuan [Ch], Fantasia Sango 4 Wai Chuan: San Jie Mi Wen Lu Data Accessory [Ch]

Simplified Chinese DVD ISO Demo v1.0.1.0 + Patch / Traditional Chinese 5CD ISO Demo v1.0.0.0 + Patch 2.28GB / 2.17GB (uploaded by Molitor)
Voice Data Sheet - Traditional Chinese ISO Demo v1.0.0.9 548MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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