Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain [Ch] Soft-World 2001

This rpg is based on one of the mid-20th century Chinese novels milestone works which had over 50 volumes. Sword play rising above commoners. In Shushan, in addition to mortal life in the urban market, there are also expert Xianju, as well as the presence of many exotic Spirits. We play as Cicada, a ten-year-old Sword fighter, smallish, but is a fine Healer. He experiences the most dangerous odd encounter and uses the legendary Sword. There is even wonderful archery wonderful. In addition to swordplay, you can also cast magic spells. You must unearth magic, solve puzzle adventures, with strong martial arts tactics.
Simplified Chinese 3CD ISO Demo v0307 + Patch and Traditional Chinese 3CD ISO Demo v0305 + Patch 1.85GB / 1.88GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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