Posuixukong [Ch] Soft-World 1999

Game based on martial arts debut novel of the same name which the famous Huang adapted from the whole process, with story climaxes, and dialogue between the characters, the characters psychological process, the role of each character penetratingly portrayed. You can feel the deep emotion of the ups and downs between the three main characters. It's about the Southern Song Dynasty, when the Mongol army invaded the south. The story at the beginning is when the protagonists must reach the Mongolian army through a heavily guarded maze to explore what they have been guarding. Although the use of 3D is the highlight of the game, but due to immature technology, the game's flawed such as stiff character modeling with dull eyes. After each dignitary enters the game, the current progress of the combat zone for the first time read, the enemy will be in stealth mode, it will not carry out attacks, but we can use shortcut keys G as a means to reduce the difficulty.
Simplified Chinese 4CD ISO Demo / Traditional Chinese 4CD ISO Demo 1.67GB / 1.68GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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