Thunder Force 2: Rebirth [Ch] Han Tong International 2002

After the successful ghost soldiers destroyed the underground base of the generals, again received the organization's command. The story and plot development leads the players into another field - brilliant SLG fighting connotation in the story carry out the necessary procedures. The game will be with the story line, and of course you have to pay attention to the dialogue. On the battlefield props placed a large number of events, and these props will become an important player for keys to go to the next checkpoint. Moreover, the hidden trigger events will affect the outcome of the strike. In addition to the event props, "organs" are one of the priorities of this puzzle, and along the way will be provided with a large number of organs, allowing the player to move their brains, and some may be purely mathematical problems, and some may be complex. Changing style of 3D scenes let you walk between reality and imaginationof the future. The Ghost "rebirth" of the soldiers in the world will develop in real life hypothetical inferences made ‚Äč‚Äčassumptions about the future, including paint a new world view, life and ecological chaos, etc. the circumstances surrounding the truth will gradually float in five chapters tissue lying mesa, the story contains elements of suspense, thriller, medicine, science fiction and murder, in particular, the death of this hero of soul searching process, more humane and emotional survival value definition Under the annotation, and provide new inspiration. Fighting and puzzle chain impact! Enter Ghost future battlefield, the traditional trick completely invalid, the player will not be able to predict the next move of the object on the battlefield, because the import "four-way system", it will be subject to "come back maybe next person might be the enemy! "idea. This "uncertainty" to make the battlefield even more treacherous, perilous. In addition to the event props, "emergency" and "organ disorder" is also the focus of the rebirth of the puzzle, the process of the plot ingenuity arrange various "someone else" will be self-spot test players reaction appreciation. Animation spot leap Ghost future space! In addition to great acclaim inherited generation visual shock, "rebirth" Import Ghost animation more humanoid modules, after a detailed storyboard depicting members of the gripper and the martial arts group performances, but also highlight the ghost soldiers dynamic force force performance, in close connection with the plot context, lifelike scenes Chuanchang wonderful animation will allow players to feel deeply strange rebirth of science fiction world of the future. The avant-garde atmosphere, complete subversion! "Rebirth" to create a virtual future will take place on earth with all sorts of treacherous track, the game occurred with the chain of events, completely subvert the traditional thinking, we will be able to arouse people's apprehension and imagination in the extreme. Dating back country near future, players will be expected a new experience beyond imagination. Visual trip outside, in order to highlight the impact of the story straightforward tension and fighting pleasure, "rebirth" will be the avant-garde electronic rock beats every player swinging movement of the soul. Vision thoroughly enjoy a happy journey senses completely subversive. Destruction moment awareness outbreak! Large mechanical unit is a "deadly force" series indispensable enemy character: medical or environmental factors because of the large monster mutation can be said that outside science fiction, but a deadly series features belong. In terms of enemy AI, adding a lot of new instructions and modes, the enemy would come to attack according to our directional weakness, and even determine their physical condition and make the most appropriate contingency, smarter enemies.
Simplified Chinese 4CD ISO Demo + Patch / Traditional Chinese 4CD ISO Demo + Patch 2.38GB / 2.77GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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