Goodnight Butcher Perfect Square Studios 2015

It's the graveyard shift at Happy Knife Co. You're a butcher working the night shift at a run-down meatshop, but you're not alone. You must use machines found throughout the butchery to saw, chop, grind, mince, and otherwise prepare meat for tomorrow's customers, while avoiding the terrifying apparitions which haunt the old building, or perhaps your own mind. Play through Story Mode to discover the horrifying truth behind the mysterious Happy Knife Butchery and its sole employee, then take your skills into Nightmare Mode to see how quickly you can fill the meat case without dying. Compete against your friends for the fastest time. Features: Rewarding arcade style gameplay; Spine-chilling atmosphere, sounds, and environments to explore; Old school hand-drawn graphics, nostalgic without pixel art Numerous monsters and hazards across 13 detailed rooms; Butchery process based on real world practices; Extra challenging “Nightmare Mode” for hardcore players ...and more.
Full Demo 41MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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