Wheel of Fortune Sony Imagesoft 1994

This version of the tv game show incorporates moving video and a talking Vanna White. Spin the wheel and watch Vanna turn the letters. The game features more than 5,000 puzzles, music and sound effects and digitized video of contestants. For those not familiar with Wheel of Fortune, it's a word game in which three players take turns spinning a colorful wheel with spaces representing varying dollar amounts and prizes. After the wheel is spun, players guess a consonant that they believe is behind one of the highlighted tiles in the puzzle. For each letter successfully guessed, the dollar amount is awarded for each letter found on the wheel. Vowels can be bought during gameplay to help solve the puzzle. A game consists of three rounds followed by a bonus round for the winner. Both human and computer-controlled players can participate in each game. Three skill levels are available for computer-controlled players and, depending on which is chosen, determine how forcefully and intelligently the AI executes actions such as spinning the wheel, picking consonants, buying vowels and solving puzzles. The interface is point-and-click with the keyboard used for some shortcuts and entering contestant names.
ISO Demo 320MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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