Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Creative Wonders / Broderbund 1998

This features Gerald’s new zoo and all the strange creatures. If you’re a bona-fide kid, you can get on board McGrew Zoo Choo Choo Train. Be ready to be taken two eight wonderful stops. At each stop, activities that teach you many things are waiting. Like what? For example, you will meet some Babaloots who need your number skills in fixing their wheelbarrows. Isn’t that exciting? And here’s more: you’ll meet more than 50 Dr. Seuss characters and all of them are eager to teach you something. Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Deluxe included the original game plus a bonus CD-ROM containing a whole bunch of excellent printable workbook pages, an alphabet stencil to help aspiring writers learn how to write their letters — and numbers — properly, and a package of fun Dr. Seuss flashcards entitled "I Can Add Upside Down".
ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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