Order of the Thorne, The Infamous Quests 2016

Episode I: The King's Challenge (Jan 26) In a world far away, a tale of great adventure is coming to the land of Uir. Join Finn the bard on his quest to write 'the greatest ballad ever' as he undertakes "The King's Challenge". Every ten years, the ruler of the Faerie Realm, King Quilhairn, offers up his latest challenge to those brave enough to undertake the quest. Their prize? One wish, any wish that is within his power to grant, and the prestige of being lauded as "Hero of the Faerie Kingdom". Do you have the will and determination to guide Finn on his quest? Play your magic lute to discover the secrets of the land and entertain its people. Meet all kinds of interesting creatures, and prove your worth in this classic point and click adventure. Episode II: Fortress of Fire, Episode III: The Monk and the Mountain, Episode IV.
The King's Challenge - Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
GOG ISO Demo v2.1.0.4 405MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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