ENYO Arcade James Mearman / www.dev-zoo.net 2015

Do you enjoy, hard and responsive 2D action games? Can you get lost in a hazardous jungle and return to tell the tale? Then this invites you deep down into the rabbit hole... WARNING: THIS GAME CAN BE DIFFICULT! It resembles a modern 2D parkour shooter game. The game is notable for its depth in atmosphere and merciless fast action. Fight or avoid various enemy types and find your way to the exit. Inspired by popular 2D action games from the 90'ties mashed with modern day platform agility and speed. Features: 40 locations spread over 4 stages; 3 difficulty achievements; 16+ unique enemy types; High quality sub-pixel art at 60 frames per second with attention to details; Tight and responsive controls - always stay in direct control of the action; No 'holding hands and leading the way'; Movement focused on 'game feel' including: wall jumping, ball jumping, rocket jumping AND regular jumping; Atmospheric audio visual experience; Steam achievements and leader boards; Keyboard controls can be remapped.
Full Demo 45MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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