Feelings Adrift Dénis Múrias 2016

This is an amusement park with some plays. Each attraction have different environments and different goals. Some more scary than others but always with same intention, make good experience in game with scenes completely frightening. Each attraction have one rating composed with five stars, they inform how much it's scary, one star is less scary and 5 stars is completely scary. To begin, there are two; Black Hole and Hospital, Dark Room will release 3/03/2016 but more will come with further updates: Slender Woman, Mansion, and more. When you complete each map of attraction you will win one Gold key. When you take up all keys you will have access a one map with 5 stars... Completely scary and different of any other experience in the game. Accept the challenge what we propose and fight your fear.
ISO Demo 1.84GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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