Hush Hush: Unlimited Survival Horror MediaAtlas / Libredia 2016

The player is exploring the caves where he must collect all stone carved notes to unveil new story parts and to enter new level. Difficulty increases with each level as more dangerous obstacles have to be avoided. To successfully complete the game, player must carefully choose between patience and action. The more the player runs the more energy/spirit he consumes thus more vulnerable he becomes even to minor traps. Scattered throughout caves are several items that boost character performance. Only when he finds sufficient number of items he can enter absolution and be able to solve the mystery of a roaming ghost. Features: unlimited number of levels, procedurally generated; unique story line and player experience; replay value in generated dynamic maps; fear inducing atmosphere with generated scare sequences; requires balance between patience and speed.
ISO Demo 817MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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