Mystic: Duell der Zauberer [G] Media Art, Inc. / Triada 2003

The player takes the role of Tim who suddenly finds himself in castle Urqhard. Unfortunately his sister Laura got abducted. Now he has to become a mighty mage to rescue her. To reach this goal he has to solve linear arranged quests, e.g. finding an an amulet. Most of the quests are solved in one of two ways: a duel with another mage or by solving logic puzzles. Before every duel, Tim has to choose the magic spells he wants to use. These spells are simply activated by pressing the assigned button. With every solved quest Tim receives money to buy better better equipment and experience points. With every new level he can improve one of his four abilities and choose more spells. During the game, he also has to choose between three guilds with different spell specialization : Transformators (transformation spells), Defendars (protection spells) or Vocars (attack spells). The camera is fixed behind Tim's back and he can be controlled directly.
Russian ISO Demo 486MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German ISO Demo 553MB (uploaded by

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