Grimsfield Adam Wells 2016

Off the M62 Between Leeds and Manchester lies Grimsfield - a market town in the North of England. In this point, click & natter adventure you will gob your way through a number of ginnels (allyway), working mens clubs, and underground temples. You take on the role of a poet whose job it is to cut through copious amounts of red tape in order to make it to the open mic night down the local beatnik club. The game takes the form of a kafka-esque short adventure game set across a number of mini dioramas. You, dear gameplayer, can expect the following: Enter a world of rules and bureaucracy, where even the rules have rules; Navigate this experience as a layabout poet who’s only concerned with his own ego; Visit over 1 type of office in your quest to overcome legislation; Talk to lots of irritating and occasionally amusing characters; Role play what it's like to be a bit of a bell end; Multiple Endings - One definitive ending, none of this infinite running/choice nonsense; Network like a pro.
Full Demo 69MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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