Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Frogwares / Bigben Interactive 2016

The ninth major installment in the action adventure game series developed by Frogwares, dealing with the exploits of the world most famous sleuth. The plot, as per tradition, takes us to the streets of the Victorian-era London, where Sherlock Holmes and his inseparable companion, Dr. Watson, have to solve five all-new crime puzzles, in which they face, among others, dark family secrets and mysterious cults. In terms of gameplay mechanics, this follows the direction set by three previous installments of the series, combining elements typical to adventure games with sequences characteristic of action games. In accordance with modern standards, the game offers also the option to move freely through the streets of London and a non-linear storyline that changes dynamically depending on the player's choices. The game features visuals created for the next-generation consoles, which makes it the most visually impressive installment in the series so far.
ISO Demo 11.6GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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