Neverending Labyrinth, The Ari Data 1998

No, this is not a mixture of The Neverending Story and Labyrinth, but simply a puzzle/adventure game. 1162 AD - the life of the best magician of all time is coming to an end. He decides to bequeath his best secrets for posterity. So his power does not fall into the hands of evil, he hides his knowledge of a mysterious place, beyond our imagination. A small, inconspicuous spherical chain is the key to this place. The person who succeeds to solve this mystery will be given the deepest secrets of life. The key chain with its incredible secrets surfaced in 1998 surprisingly again. Although produced in Germany, the on screen text is in English and there is no speech.
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ISO Demo (provided by Gamecare & upped by Scaryfun) 268MB

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