Virtual DDT [Ru] ParaGraph 1998

This is a music program which is infinitely opening doors: door parade, living room, safe, bathroom door, toilet. All of them gradually open up, until we get to one last door between good and evil, between life and death and we do not know if we are in a program or not. You are free in the movements to move and rotate the camera and explore the world of each song in all its details. In a matter of seconds can be transferred to any of the spaces, from Russian group DDT - each song has its own virtual world. All spaces are connected by passages - Find and open the door to the neighboring and get there. To travel to the transitions between the related worlds you have to find clues to some of the doors - to solve the puzzle or guess the riddle. All riddles and puzzles related to the work of the DDT group. You will have to explore all the walls of the virtual world in search of answers to the questions and mysteries of the first links of puzzles, hidden among interviews, photos, lyrics and initial submissions to them. In 1998, the theater company ParaGraph and DDT launched Russia's first three-dimensional multimedia CD-ROM "VIRTUAL DDT." The disc is made ​​with the personal participation of the leader of the group Yuri Shevchuk. Users get to view a real interactive serial film about the DDT group, full of unexpected scenes and original artistic solutions. It consists of several three-dimensional worlds corresponding to the themes of the band. Each world is based on images of the songs. Traveling on the scenes of the virtual world, you can directly touch the works of the group: clicking the mouse on various online sites, move from one clip to another location with Yuri Shevchuk. Three-dimensional worlds were made ​​with the program Virtual Home Space Builder Pro (designer of virtual worlds).
Russian ISO Demo 367MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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