UrĂ¢nio 235 [Pt] Byte & Brothers 1996

This is a first person 3D adventure game, with a gameplay similar to Myst. It was designed to teach basic chemistry for high school students. The player is abducted by an UFO and is sent to an abandoned village on another planet. He/she is told that the alien people who lived there used uranium as a power source, but one day a miscalculated neutron beam has hit an uranium atom, causing a huge explosion, destroying most of the alien population. Now the player's mission is to deactivate the beam. An alien abducts you to take you to their homeworld, which is essentially a post apocalyptic one due to a neutron rays experiment gone wrong (remember those theories that said a neutron bomb would annihilate the planet? basically that). Apparently since humans are more resistant to the radiation than the aliens, they recruit you to deactivate a facility that's emitting more radiation on a important installation site critical to the remaining alien survivors on this new planet. The game presents many chemistry subjects, such as matter, atomic models, physical states of the matter, mixtures and separations, periodic table, chemical bond, chemical functions, chemical reactions and radioactivity.
Portuguese Clone ISO Demo 267MB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)

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