Lunatic Dawn IV [J] Artdink 2000

This is a Diablo style point-and-click action RPG, complete with multiplayer mode. Personal pages automatically generated system can be said to be a proprietary system, its role is to be able to easily organize the world's information into a HTML form that allows players to set up a personal web page of the world. Players just press a few keys, the program will automatically create a complete web page for the players, which includes players from the creation of the world's information, the role of which shows maps, visitor information, and adventure logs. All of them make for a more fun adventure. Significantly strengthened the game content, PK legalization, doubling the number of weapons, 16 people online at the same time, the magic is also added to the line 16 from line 32, and the mandate of the NPC also significantly strengthened.
Japanese ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Chinese ISO Demo 402MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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