Aliens Ate My Cookies (cancelled) Gaspocket Adventures / Humongous Entertainment, Infogrames 2001

Former Humongous employee, David Evans, released a demo in January 2016 for this game that was being developed in 2001 by their sub-division, Gaspocket Adventures, before Infogrames cancelled it for having a female protagonist. The demo was clearly not meant to be publicly released in this state, as evidenced by frequent crashes, a complete lack of clickpoints and somewhat amateurish voice acting, but it's still a fascinating sight, even if it probably just barely scratches the surface of what this game was going to be like. Most interestingly of all, it has the typical debugging features you'd expect from Humongous' games. By adding "WhosABigCheater=I" to your version of "hegames.ini", you can press I to open an item selection screen and G to access a room selection screen. Both of these are very expansive, indicating that the game's planning was already pretty much finished, which makes its cancellation even more infuriating. Don't get your hopes up though. The item selection screen doesn't do anything and the room selection screen only allows you to click on the handful of rooms that exist in the demo.
Alpha Level Demo 51.9MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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