Haven Moon Francois Roussel 2016

This will transport you to a mysterious world where you will have to explore abandoned islands and solve their secrets to find a treasure. In this Myst-like game inspired by Jules Verne’s universe, use your senses and intelligence to find your way through secret passages and curious machinery. You are teleported to Seleos, the moon of the planet Menra. In front of you, a metal box opens, and inside, you find a note from Ektor Turren, the only survivor of a cataclysmic event that destroyed his world. In his note, he explains that he wishes to leave you the treasure that he accumulated during his whole life. From that, you'll have to explore the islands on Seleos to discover who was Ektor Turren, what happened to him and to his world, where to find the treasure and go back home with it. The gameplay is based on exploration, observation, listening and problem solving. To get through the end of this adventure, with the help of the story, you’ll have to solve puzzles that are integrated in the environment. You can take all the time you want to explore and solve the puzzles, no one will come bother you here. The puzzles are made to be not too hard nor too easy, just like the length of the adventure is made to be not too long nor too short. Everything is balanced to provide a light relaxing and peaceful experience, to spend a pleasant time in an imaginary world. The intuitive puzzles that you will encounter are completely integrated into the environment and in perfect fit with the story. They have been designed with great care to feel natural and intuitive. The game has been made to be accessible to any kind of player. The interface and controls have been carefully designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible featuring a unique mouse-only game-play : the entire game is controlled using the mouse. Move it to look around, left click to move forward and interact, and right click to move backwards. That's it! It features high quality 3D real-time graphics, offering complete freedom of movements in a detailed and realistic environment. To bring to the game a compelling mood and beautiful emotions, Hollywood composer Leo J. Russlan composed a wonderful orchestral cinematic music making the experience even more immersive. It's a peaceful game all about contemplation and thinking. It's a calm and lonely place where you hear the sounds of the sea, the wind and the beautiful music, you have all the time you want to explore and solve the various puzzles, and the controls are simple and easy to handle. It has been made to be a sane and enjoyable distraction for everyone.
ISO Demo 702MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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