PAST: Das Abenteuer Zeit [G] Ficus Software 1997

With the construction of a time machine, it is possible to travel to the deepest periods of our past. The scientists, whose role we slip into pursues a private goal. His life is limited by an inherited disease that causes him to have regular seizures and have brought to his ancestors a premature death. He also has two sons who are also affected by this issue. So we go back to the Middle Ages, where this misfortune chain has taken its beginning. Here is said to have suffered from these symptoms for the first time an ancestor of our hero. Perhaps there is a chance to cure him with the help of an alchemist and thus to change the sequence of the tree and to ensure the perfect health of our family in the present. Unfortunately, our plan proves no easy task. Through a seizure on our part, the alchemist suspects us of having bewitched and imprisoned so. Our ancestor, at this time a child remains in his house and relies that we free the innocent from the dungeon. But because we are trying to prevent that, we meet people who are not quite as nice as our colleagues from the future. In the Middle Ages, there's more than 200 photographs in a watercolor version. Movies are sometimes shown us and the characters played by actors who have done a good job here, are helped by the striking costumes to give an authentic presentation. Speech is not available despite matching lip movements of the actors, so it must be read. Many sounds such as birdsong create a wonderful atmosphere and the quiet, medieval sounds of background melodies blend perfectly into the action. We encounter at every turn people who are well disposed to us once more or less and may not be averse to intense conversations. Mostly it is only as a servant to take action that is rewarded for a favor, but later the mystery becomes denser and more difficult tasks are performed. These often reading ancient scriptures is necessary to eke in the library of the Cistercian monks. One can die only once, ignoring the warning of forest brigand, or one fails because you have prepared the wrong the remedy at the end. In these rare cases, you get an automatic score provided which takes us back to the position short of our failure. At the end, the actors and developers reveal to us outtakes and other gags for a humorous look behind the scenes.
German ISO Demo + scans (provided by Gamecare & upped by Scaryfun) 453MB

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