PolyChrome [J] Cybelle 1997

This is a turn-based RPG which was hot in Japan for six months. You will play as young adventurer Rick, because in order to find the Philosopher's Stone you must explore the mystery. It runs under Win 95 platform and supports 640 × 480 × 256 colors and 1024 × 768 × 256 color resolution. 3D character modeling of game characters with all polygons, and the next generation of players in the game with a fantasy realm. Three-dimensional battle scenes, and a rotating combat arena. Super high-speed 3D polygon engine ( "CyNAPS Ver 1.0"), gives excellent visual enjoyment; more than 140 kinds of enemy characters, colorful dazzling attack moves. Exquisite picture, touching story, colorful characters. Left mouse button to execute commands and walk, talk and investigate with the right.
Chinese ISO Demo 68MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Japanese ISO Demo 82MB (uploaded by macplusfm)

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