Ghostbusters II Dynamix, Inc. / Activision, Inc. 1989

The game tries to follow the movie, and the storyline goes roughly like this: Five years after our heroes saved the world from the invasion of an old Mesopotamian deity Gozer, (and blew up a 30 stories tall Marshmallow Man), an ex-girlfriend of one of the 'Busters is returning home with her baby. But the wheel of the baby-carriage gets dipped in some pink slime and it starts driving on its own. Dana (the girl) decides to call on her friend, the Ghostbuster, to find out what happened, after which they decide to dig a huge hole in the middle of the road. What they discover is an underground river of Slime, but at the same time they knock out the electricity in the entire Manhattan area... and are sued by the city. And this is where this game picks up. First you must bust the two Scallarry brothers, who want to take their revenge on the judge who gave them the chair. Succeed or not you'll proceed to the Ghostbusters office. Here there are several things to do. Like in the real classic Ghostbusters (for C64) from 1984 money IS an issue. You start with a $10.000 debt. To make money you must answer the phone and... (surprise, surprise) bust ghosts. You must also collect some slime and test it, because this slime will come in really handy. If you've seen the movie you know that this is good-mood slime and it gives the Statue of Liberty get-up-and-go because it (the slime - not the statue) really loves Jackie's: (Your love's lifting me) Higher and Higher. But be careful! If you fail to bust a ghost or get trapped in the river of slime, you'll end up in the nuthouse, and the rest of the team will have to bust you out (this part of the game is really the most original, because it's quite different from the movie). So, can you stop the Scorge of Karpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia - Lord VIGO?!
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