In Grandma's Attic Interlynx Multimedia, Inc. / SoftKey Multimedia Inc. 1996

This is an educational title for children aged three to six. Children love to explore the world around them. This rewards their curiosity with charming animations, photo-realistic images, wacky ATTIC' sounds and dozens of fun-filled learning activities. Children solve exciting math teasers or learn to tell time by setting the grandfather clock that announces every hour. Or join the animal gang in a rollicking game of concentration and "get puzzled" with the colorful on-screen games and puzzles. It has dozens of early learning games and activities. There are interactive surprises hidden in every screen. Click on any object to reveal an animated surprise, an exciting game or colorful, skill-building activity. This is the magic place where children love to learn. Build around different activities, it aims to develop nine skills: decision making, creativity, music, language, classification, seriation, numbers, temporal and spatial relations. To practice and improve these skills, kids have to play six activities, such as the creative drawing easel (for creativity, classification and decision making skills) many different puzzles (for the spatial relations and decision making skills), drive big machines (decision making, temporal and spatial relations skills), play memory games with animals (for classification, numbers and spatial relations skills), and so on. While exploring the attic and when needed, kids can ask for the help of Buckley the Clown, as a guide. The game is designed by Dr. Gary Woodill, Professor of Early Childhood Education at Ryerson Polytechnic University, in Toronto, Canada, following the works of the famous french psychologist Jean Piaget.
included in Make The Grade! Vol 1 - ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 436MB

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