Zoo Explorers Compton's New Media / Softkey Inc. 1995

Hours of learning activities, puzzles, games, videos and more. No parents or manual are necessary. Join Splash The Penguin, Hedda Feathers, Gilda Gorgeous and all the characters of Zoo Explorers for hours of fun and learning. In the world of Zoo Explorers, kids will discover games, puzzles, videos, jokes and all kinds of activities that will keep them coming back for more. No parents or manuals are necessary to journey through this animal playground. Explore! Hop on a self-guided zoo tour with nine interactive pathways... there's fun and learning in every direction. Tour the zoo. With Gilda Gorgeous, kids learn about the workings of a real zoo. Meet real baby animals in the zoo... Lots to see and learn. Match and win. Miss Hippo has games that help kids develop skills like reasoning, identification and memory. Play picture games. Play two kinds of games with Splash to learn animal facts and develop identification skills. Solve puzzles! Wally Wallaby's animal games lets kids learn and assemble real animals and hear their names spoken phonetically. Sing-a-long with the stars of the game as they sing and entertain visitors at the zoo. Search fun landscapes to invite baby animals to Penny's Party. This game teaches computer skills in a fun way. Listen to music. Hop aboard the train for entertaining animal music videos at every turn. Watch award-winning videos! Kids get excited about learning with educational video footage rated "Best Video Voyage For Kids" by Sesame Street Parents' Guide.
included in Make The Grade! Vol 2 - ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 327MB

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