Ocean Explorers Compton's New Media / Softkey Inc. 1995

Starting with a great song with a calypso beat, Ocean Explorers promises and delivers a lot of fun. In the main menu, Zippy the Bathysphere tells you about each of the five habitats on the screen (when your cursor turns into a question mark near a habitat) and inside his master control room when you click directly on him. Each of the other five pictures takes you to a specific habitat with informational videos and games. In each of the habitats are pictures of creatures that live in that environment. Click on the creature for a short informational video packed with information about the entity you selected. Although picture quality on some of the movies could be a little better, they were very interesting, and not only for kids. Did you know that manta rays are basically flattened sharks... or that sharks have three eyelids? You learn interesting bits of trivia that is easily remembered and great to amaze your friends. Each area has a host, such as Spike the Sea Urchin or Clyde the Giant Clam. Clicking on the host takes you to their games. Play Spikes matching games or Gabby Garibaldi's Guess Who and Rub-a-dub. For just plain fun, create some crazy-looking fish in Clyde's Fish Gumbo. In Spout's ABC game, click on a letter to place the creature beginning with that letter on the screen. Finally, search through four screens of a coral reef to "Find the Fish" that Sammy is looking for. The games range from very easy to slightly challenging. When you do something right, the game is very generous with praise... perfect for building self-esteem.
included in Make The Grade! Vol 3 - ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 531MB

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