MetroGnomes' Music The Learning Company, Inc. 1992

Join the Metrognomes in a charming medley of musical activities that help children get in tune with music basics. Come play in the land of the Metrognomes. A chiming mushroom house, a tuneful flower garden, a melody festival, the Gnome Town parade, and a musical picnic blanket give children the exposure to music that experts believe will enhance their development and mastery of language. Share your children's excitement as they sing and play with the Metrognomes in their wonderful world of music. Five delightful activities teach children music basics, including: Recognizing high and low pitch; Listening for the form of a song; Internalizing rhythm and beat; Creating new music by changing notes and rhythms; Learning traditional nursery and folk songs. Based on the respected Orff approach, which teaches music through active play and discovery. Rich graphics, enchanting sound, and surprise animations delight youngsters for hours.
included in Make The Grade! Vol 3 - ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 327MB (uploaded by mklgw1985)

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