Star Trek: NCC-1701 Gambit Realm 2013

This was an interactive 3D virtual experience aboard the original starship Enterprise. For nearly six years, Paul Weston and Brian Murray at the Canadian IT company Gambit Realm have been working on an in-depth, fully-realized interior model of the original Starship Enterprise using Torque 3D 1.1 Final. When you load up, there is a level selection screen where you can choose from many different missions. All Decks: An exploration mode, allowing players to go anywhere and do anything aboard the ship. Deck contents load and unload as you move about the ship, using the zones and portals code. It also allows entire ship to be loaded at once, but older computers may have performance issues, so we recommend a decent after-market video card. Klingon Hunt: A mission where you have to hunt down a squadron of Klingons on the lower decks of the Enterprise. Red Alert: Players must escort Scotty from the main bridge down to Deck 7 while protecting him from the Klingons who have boarded the saucer section. Shuttle Flight Training: This was in the demo released, although it has been updated slightly for this release with a few new surprises. SFT allows you to fly a shuttle through various training exercises, including asteroid target practice, an obstacle course, and combat simulation against Klingon fighters. Engineering Hull: A limited-level mode, which includes just Decks 15 through 24 – in case a user's PC can't run All Decks due to performance issues. There are also single-deck missions available, so a user can visit just one deck at a time – which is again a good way to get around any performance issues. By design, Torque 3D is a multiplayer client/server. Even when you play a local, single-player game you are actually running a server and connecting to it – all taking place behind the scenes. We have the game enabled to "Allow other players to connect" by default, which is a switch a user can disable if they want. But when enabled, other users on the same LAN will see it, and the game will also broadcast to our master server, which tracks all other running games out in the wild that have that switch on. The master server acts as a broker to connect players to games. From the main screen, you just click the "Join" button and either "Query LAN" or "Query Master" – once the list of games appears, you just choose one to join and you will be connected and dropped in.
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Free Game v2.0 with Oculus Rift support (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 640MB

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