Lego Rock Raiders Data Design Interactive Ltd / LEGO Media International, Inc. 1999

Based on the underground LEGO universe, you must take control of a team of LEGO figures and build your way through mission based levels, ranging from saving lost crew members, finding hidden bases destroyed in the rubble and building your base to gain new vehicles. As your crew grow in confidence, they learn new abilities like piloting skills or become explosive experts. All the LEGO pieces from the Rock Raiders series are there to choose from when building your base, and the LEGO minifigures move just like the real thing (just without the hands pushing them along). You lead and control a team of highly trained engineers as they explore three underground worlds consisting of lava, ice and rock. Your objective is to mine tunnels and collect energy crystals and LEGO ore to be used to power and build new machinery. Obstacles and dangers lurk around every corner, though, as the precious materials are guarded by several indigenous creatures including Rock, Lava and Ice monsters, Slimy Slugs, bats and spiders. Your crew of five includes Bandit (navigator and sailor), Docs (geologist), Jet (pilot), Sparks (mechanic) and Axle (machinery operator). To keep the team safe, you need to establish and maintain a Rock Raiders Headquarters and defend it from attack from the menacing denizens of the underground. To accomplish the mission, you control a fleet of mining vehicles and machines (hover scout, digger, transport truck, rapid rider, laser cutter, tunnel scout, loader dozer, granite grinder, chrome crusher and cargo carrier) and various tools (drill, shovel, hammer, spanner, laser beam, pusher beam, dynamite and freezer beam). It's designed for building block enthusiasts ages eight and up, features a point-and-click interface and requires a 3D accelerator. Adjustable options include game speed, music volume, sound effects volume, brightness, help menus and graphic displays.
ISO Demo + Mirrors 545MB (uploaded by Molitor)
ISO Demo 511MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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