Grim Tales: The Bride Elephant Games / Big Fish Games, Inc. 2011

This begins with your twin sister who has vanished on her wedding day. Locals say a dark figure was seen with her just before she plunged into the river and her body was never found. The player will investigate the odd circumstances that surround Luisa’s death by returning to the family mansion. Entering the mansion a dark apparition appears and offers you a way to save Luisa through her past memories. The apparition transports you to past memories through family pictures found throughout the mansion. If you succeed Luisa could be saved but your soul is the price of failure. The game style is one of hidden object puzzle adventure with hidden object search elements scenes that help key plot event sequences or yield needed items to assist the player for puzzle solution or story progression. Hidden object scenes are traditional with word objects at the bottom of the screen to be found in the scene above. Story puzzles are more along the line of locked objects such as doors, cabinets and jars which must be solved to enable story advancement. The Collector's Edition includes: Bonus gameplay, Wonderful wallpapers, Stunning soundtrack, Concept art.
Full Demo included in Grim Tales Collection 12.5GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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