Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Elephant Games / Big Fish Games, Inc. 2013

The family saga continues when your nephew Brandon encounters the mysterious Stone Queen in a lonely mountain town. She used to protect the miners here, but now she's out for revenge. The mystery deepens as you explore her shimmering Stone Kingdom, hiding just beneath the town. You must discover the truth behind the queen’s anger and save both worlds before a greedy heart brings about their destruction. You'll meet new friends, but you'll also face new foes in an intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game. The Collector's Edition includes: Hours of bonus gameplay, Integrated Strategy Guide, Beautiful wallpapers and concept art, Downloadable soundtrack.
Full Demo included in Grim Tales Collection 12.5GB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Collector's Edition - Full Demo v1.0.9.2 806MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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