How To Be Perfect Great Bear Technology Inc. 1995

Watch excerpts from various 1950s public service announcement films about etiquette and choose which of the responses is the most proper. Etiquette instructor Bob Goldthwait grades your success or utter failure. This game is an interactive spoof on the Eisenhower era style etiquette propaganda. Set like a television game show, it's a comedy program that incorporates vintage film and leading edge design with voice overs by Bobcat Goldwaith and Bob Sarlott and was written by former National Lampoon editors. Objective of the game is to answer questions correctly and transform the character to Mr. Perfect. Be careful though, wrong answers will turn him into your biggest nightmare.
ISO Demo + Win3xO Collection Package 565MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Win3xO Collection - FrontEnd + Emus 60MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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