Scrabble Random Games, Inc. / Hasbro Interactive, Inc. 1999

This is a game which simulates the board game Scrabble. The premise is simple: Form words with a limited set of letters. The game has a build-in dictionary, an AI opponent with adjustable skill level and several help functions for inexperienced players. It also features 11 mini games to brush up ones scrabble skills, e.g. the player has to find as many 2-letter or 3-letter words as possible, find the best place on the board to place a given word or use all given letters to build a word. In the tournament mode there is a time limit and the help functions are disabled. It features the traditional game as well as a variety of other modes (Mini Scrabble games, Anagrams, Rackagrams and Speed Scrabble). Maven, the computer opponent, is touted as "the most formidable artificial intelligence ever developed for Scrabble." It also includes an in-game version of Merriam Webster's Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary as well as customizable dictionary. In 2003, v2.0 was released where you can play against "Maven", a computer AI that has 6 adjustable skill levels. Or play up to 4 players on a LAN or over the Internet. In Addition to the game, Scrabble 2.0 includes 7 Mini-games to help you strength your playing technique and word finding ability. Finding Anagrams, Bingos, 2 and 3 letter words, prefixes and suffixes will help you improve your game.
ISO Demo v2.0 505MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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