Witches Academy Pixelmagic Ltd., Capture Productions Ltd. / Ravensburger Interactive Media 1996

The Witches Academy is a progressive school for young witches and wizards. Here the pupils learn flying, potion making, casting spells and all the other important skills needed by the modern witch and wizard. One day, the overlords of the region, The Grand High Wizard and The Imperial Witch, descend on the academy. They are determined to shut it down because they don't approve of it's modern methods. They choose one pupil to carry out a series of tests which they hope will prove that teaching in the academy is sub-standard. The player must pass all the tests in order to save the academy. Their skills of potion making, spell casting, frog catching, alchemy and many other tasks will be tested. Then comes the final test, the tower game, where they must collect all the elements needed to make a dragon, thus foiling the overlords. It uses hand-drawn animation, magnificent background graphics, innovative games, mixed in with funny rhymes and the crazy antics of pupils, tutors and the little creatures that inhabit the academy.
Noitakeinoja ja Taikoja - Finnish Clone ISO Demo 345MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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