Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge: Mojo Jojo's Clone Zone Riverdeep / The Learning Company 2003

Townsville is under attack! Mojo Jojo has come up with his most evil master plan ever. He has created clones of himself and sent them to destroy Townsville. Using learning powers, help the Powerpuff Girls capture the clones, collect their memory chips and save Townsville from Mojo Jojo's wicked plans. Key Features: Kids learn maths skills - addition, subtraction, mulitplication, division, geometric shapes; Kids learn reading skills - phonics, spelling vocabulary, reading comprehension; Kids learn much more - logic and problem solving, critical thinking, following directions and sequencing; Multiple difficulty levels - 5 Dangers Levels; Auto-Levelling - challenges automatically adjust to suit your skills; Progress-Tracking - printable reports show you what you've achieved; Printable Activities for away-from-the-computer fun; Trust Professor Utonium to provide help if you need it; Knowledge is power. Especially when you've got The Powerpuff Girls by your side. Join these dainty dynamos on a clone-crushing crusade packed with maths, vocabulary and reading challenges. Watch out, Mojo Jojo.
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ISO Demo 456MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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