Weather Channel, The: Everything Weather The Weather Channel 1995

This CD-ROM offers a wealth of information, entertainment, and knowledge on the topic of weather. The multimedia title, the first from the company that launched The Weather Channel cable network, is a thorough, authoritative resource for answering commonly asked questions about weather. It includes climate data for more than 700 cities, 40 video clips of spectacular weather events, 250 captivating still photographs and 95 articles, along with maps, animation, and explanations. The essential guide to the whys and wonders of weather, it contains interactive activities involving tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, clouds, and winter storms. Its daily planner, both an appointment calendar and a weather journal, offers dramatic photos and daily weather facts. A 480-word glossary explains weather-related terms such as jet stream, El Nino, and inversion. An online connection can be used to access a current forecast. You can display the average high temperatures for Florida and California in June and use this information to choose a vacation destination.
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