Noddy and the Toyland Fair Mindscape 2006

For ages: 3 - 6 and based on the hit TV series. The Great Toyland Fair is being prepared. Accompany Noddy and his friends on this fun adventure. Embark on exciting missions and fun discoveries in Noddy's magical world. Help to build and re-build the fair and play all the games on the stalls. Help Noddy and his friends as they go on a hunt for fancy dress clothes, kites, ice creams and much more. Drive the famous Noddy Car to find your way around Toyland. It develops colour and shape recognition, logical reasoning and construction skills. Once you have finished the stalls there will be enormous fun to encourage creativity, learning and singing. An ergonomic system which adapts to different ages and levels. The game helps the child develop as they get older through 2 difficulty levels. Incentives are offered and help is given for the child to play alone. Features: Characters and sets are from the 3D animated TV series; Official voices from the TV series; 23 different play environments; 10 animated sequences based on the TV series; 16 fun missions involving exploration, construction and races in the Noddy car; Music from the series and karaoke so you can sing along with Noddy; 2 levels of difficulty.
ISO Demo 625MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo 462MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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