Cultures Funatics Development GmbH / THQ Inc. 2000

This is a real-time strategy game with a slight difference: the player does not have to bash all his opponents into submission. The story is told from the perspective of a young Viking boy, Bjarni, now in adulthood. He and his family form part of a village community on the coast of Greenland whom have come upon hard times with harsh weather conditions ruining their harvest. One day, a comet comes crashing to Earth, splitting into six pieces as it enters the atmosphere. Convinced that this is a sign from their Gods, the villagers make the necessary preparations to embark on a mission to recover the six pieces in the hope that this will bring them prosperity. The story unfolds across thirteen scenarios, and during the adventure, they come into contact with several other cultures such as Eskimos, Indians, and Mayans. Besides the campaign, there are four tutorials, a number of standalone single player scenarios (including some designed for beginners). Multiplayer is supported for up to six players across the Internet or a local area network. All players assume the role of the Vikings.
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