Wallace & Gromit Fun Pack 2 BBC Multimedia 2000

It's back! Bigger and better than ever before with enhanced graphics, bigger video clips and an all-new desktop customiser. Plus new games, new screensavers and a special set of Wallace & Gromit desktop tools. Customise-o-matic: Give your desktop a unique Wallace & Gromit look and feel by selecting from a host of wallpapers, sounds, icons and animated cursors. New Screensavers: Video Clips - select your favourite Wallace & Gromit clips to play as screensavers; Message Maker - leave messages on your PC in a range of Wallace & Gromit themes; Slide Show - make your own custom slide show from a wealth of imagery from the films. Browse through your favourite clips using a unique Wallace & Gromit video browser Gadget-o-matic. This combined clock, calendar, CD player and calculator is an indispensable addition to your desktop. Three Fantastic Games: Wallace's Cheeseboard Game - based on the three Wallace & Gromit films, this 1-4 player game involves you in a range of hilarious interactive tasks; The Great Train Game - based on The Wrong Trousers, this game challenges you to take the train all the way to the kitchen cupboard; Feathers and the Diamond - use the remote control from The Wrong Trousers to help Feathers steal the diamond.
ISO Demo 461MB (uploaded by ryanpcworld)

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