Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics: 1st and 2nd Grade Riverdeep / The Learning Company 2002

Join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion in the Land Where the Lions Roam Free. Expertly designed specifically for early readers, this enchanting story gently guides young learners toward essential reading and comprehension skills. Two CDs worth of fun phonics activities, interactive storybooks, and away-from-the-computer games and crafts promise lasting appeal and effective skill building. Best of all, this whimsical adventure draws on everyday reading materials such as poems, books, and newspapers, nurturing a child’s real-world confidence in newfound skills. Kids Learn: Phonics, Reading aloud, Exposure to authentic texts, Creative writing, Phonemic Awareness, Sentences, Vocabulary, Spelling, Comprehension. Special Features: Practice specific skills, or learn while following the story; Adjusts to keep pace with child's abilities; Practice reading aloud with record and playback; Track success with progress reports; User-friendly program help. Activities: Consonant Blends - Sort words with common ending consonant blends to help Dandy build a tree house; Practice recognizing short and long vowels as you navigate through the books in Reader's basement; Break compound words into smaller words as you help Sam create footholds to scale a wall. Vowel Combinations - Help Reader and Sam catch falling word parts in their baskets to create complete words.
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