Paint, Write & Play! The Learning Company 1996

This is an easy-to-use painting, drawing and writing program designed especially for children ages four to seven. With a focus on developing creativity and building vocabulary, reading and writing skills, it's ideal as a child's first creativity and writing program. As the entry point to The Learning Company's Interactive Writing Tools System of products, it includes essential creativity tools and many specially designed features so that even the youngest users can create pictures, illustrated stories, letters and more. Children will quickly bring their ideas to life by exploring three main activity areas: the Art Studio, the Travel Center and the Writing House. Users can craft their own stories using the painting and writing tools, or they can "build" stories by choosing words and clip art pictures from the hundreds included in the program. A child-friendly user interface invites children into the three areas where they express their creativity, gather ideas and put them into words. The Art Studio is an easy-to-use paint program featuring all the essential creativity tools: freehand painting and drawing tools with sound effects, hundreds of clip art images, 48 colors and fill patterns, pre-colored backgrounds and simple editing tools. The Travel Center is a gateway to adventures where children can find story ideas in ten fun worlds ranging from the Arctic to the beach to Africa. As children explore, the program pronounces and names hundreds of animals, actions and everyday objects that children can use to build word lists for use in their stories. The Writing House helps children write and create their own storybooks, letters and more. Fun, age-appropriate features include a child-friendly word processor, a dictionary of picture words, a list of frequently used words, three font sizes and tools to make covers and title pages. Once they have created their storybooks, children can use the text-to-speech feature to have it read their stories aloud.
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ISO Demo 49MB (uploaded by anabate123)

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