Three from Prostokvashino 2: Travel on a Raft [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2005

This is a fun game created based on all your favorite works of Eduard Uspensky. This time, the heroes decided to take a trip down the river on a makeshift raft: to live outdoors in tents, enjoy the beauty of his native land, and to find new friends. Ahead of them will find many openings, familiarity with the refined art of fishing, as well as a visit to the neighboring village Buttermilk, where poachers settled. Of course, friends will not tolerate the infliction of harm local fisheries and reputation of Buttermilk. Features: New story with familiar characters - Uncle Fyodor, Matroskin cat, dog Sharik, galchonka Hvatayki, postman Pechkin and other favorite characters; Several dozen interactive locations, carefully drawn in cartoon style; Many ingenious job and fun mini-games that will interest both children and adults; Dialogues satirical characters and environment are an example of excellent humor; Superb graphics, visual and sound effects trainees memory.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.09GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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